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7 Essential Skills for Conflict Communication

What we wish everyone knew about conflict communication!


At Thrive at Home we are on a quest to positively impact marriages. In this video we hope to lay out some foundational communication skills that will benefit every relationship and provide a simple game plan to hep you navigate safely through the inevitable conflict that arises in your relationship.

"Not everyone needs to see a therapist, but everyone can benefit from what a therapist sees." - Sam

We value your encouragement so if this impacted you please let us know!

- Sam and Kerri

  • Level 0 - The Speaker/Listener Concept (:35)
  • Skill 1 - Timing (6:41)
  • Skill 2 - I Appreciate (10:16)
  • Skill 3 - Describe the Problem (15:42)
  • Skill 4 - Use "I" Statement (20:54)
  • Skill 5 - Accept Responsibility (26:44)
  • Skill 6 - Stay Calm (32:09)
  • Skill 7 - Say What You Want (42:42)
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