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    At Thrive@Home™ we are on a quest to positively impact marriages. In this video we hope to lay...
    E6 - Pride E7 - Trying to Cheer your Partner Up E8 - Avoiding the Check In E9 - Not Giving...
    E1 - Not Being on the Same Team E2 - Unreasonable Expectations E3 - Ignoring Warning Signs ...
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  • The Relationship Checkup (Plus a 1 hour Consultation)
    The Gottman Relationship Checkup is based on 40 years of marriage research. Each spouse individually fills out an online questionnaire (1-2 hours) covering every aspect of a marriage relationship. Think of it as a fitness test for the health of your relationship. At the end we will get the results and set up a session to discuss your relationship's strengths and weaknesses.

    Includes access to the online Relationship Checkup tool and a 1-hour professional results discussion. ($250 Value)
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